Asians are known for their independent, affectionate and friendly nature. Hence it no longer comes as a surprise that there is a surprising number of Asians that call and benefit from the chat lines.

If you happen to be one of them, I’m offering you tips and advice on how to get the best social experience using the chat lines.

Whether you simply want to have fun or you’re on the lookout for deeper connections, these tips can help you establish meaningful connections that can possibly go a long way.

Be crafty with your self-introduction or recorded greeting

If you’re looking for a fellow Asian to connect with, mention this preference in your self-introduction.

Ideally, it is advisable to keep your identity confidential as you do your recording. However, there are ways to reach out specifically to Asian callers without necessarily revealing that you’re one.

First, you don’t have to state that you’re Asian but you can mention outright that you’re looking for one.

Secondly, you can give a subtle hint by stating an Asian word or salutation to capture the interest of Asian callers.

Examples are; “kamusta” to target Philippine callers, “ni hao” for Chinese or “annyeonghaseyo” for Koreans.

And third, you can send out an air of mystery by including something “Asian” in your recording. It could be fascination over Asian food or your interest to visit a particular Asian country.

Asians can connect with fellow Asians using the chat lines.

Don’t use a fake accent

Use your natural speaking voice and accent when recording your self-introduction. Callers that are particularly looking for Asian connections may readily recognize your accent and get drawn to you instantly.

Self-introductions should sound natural and spontaneous. There should be an air confidence and certainty in order to captivate other callers.

So don’t be self-conscious about your accent and just be sincere about your intentions.

Be bold and specific

If you’re bold, fearless and confident enough about being in the chat lines mention what you’re specifically looking for.

State if you’re searching for a Korean chat partner, a Thai friend, a Japanese romantic prospective or a Philippine acquaintance.

Being specific can help you target Asian callers easily and conveniently but may potentially impose limitations on your chat line connections. Still, it is the most convenient way to filter your chat requests.

You can mention in your recorded self-introduction that you’re specifically looking for an Asian chat partner.

Express your passion for anything that’s Asian

Are you an Asian who’s looking for a fellow Asian chat partner? Or, you’re not Asian but you’re looking for one.

Whatever the case, the best way to reach out to Asians is to express your passion or fascination for anything that has something to do with Asian or being Asian.

For instance, you can state that you’d love to meet someone who can teach you how to speak Mandarin, Japanese or Korean.

Or, you can mention that you’d want to talk to someone who knows a lot about Philippine cuisine.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a black caller or a Latino. What is more important is your intention to find an Asian chat line caller who would love to connect with you.

You may also state that you’re interested to learn about Asian culture or Chinese herbal medicine.

You can express in your self-introduction that you would appreciate to meet someone who’s Asian. Or, you can state your fascination over Asian food, culture or arts.

For a fiercer approach, you can emphasize on your fantasies about Asian men or women; and how you would want to fulfill them using the chat lines.

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